KAIHUA Service Teams are fast responsive to all you problem. Our distributor around the world receives extensive ongoing KAIHUA product training. This ensures that our service agent and distributor will correctly carry out service and with Baifa standard, it guarantees the service quality and outcome.

Pre-Sale Service

-The presale technical service for the customers

-Assist the conceptual design and selecting for the customers

-Assist the equipment room design and arrangement for the customers

-Accept the technical consultation of the customers

Sale of service

640ae6a276ba1.jpgKaihua will provide you with the production schedule to ensure the delivery quality of equipment.
Packing.jpgKaihua gensets are packed in plywood case as standard when exporting (except for those are in FCL)
Technical Support
Technical Support.jpg

Kaihua has a high effective team providing high-quality, all-round comprehensive professional services.

While maintain highly efficient and reliable to work 24/7 at site.

After Sales
After Sales.jpg

-Equipment installation, debugging and operation

-The fire-fighting inspection testing

-The action and maintenance training for the users

-Remedy of the trouble and troubleshooting

-Offer OEM parts

Service Guarantee
Service Guarantee.jpg

-Set up users’ record trail after service and termly check

-Organize centralized training for the operator of user

-Our staff can be on duty according to customer’s -requirement in special condition


All Kaihua Product users will enjoy the hassle free. Every of our product is covered at least 1000 hours operation hours/ 12 month of warranty service.

Our service department will be full-responsibly and fast support to every technical issue, and provide solution to resume normal generator running. please call your local distributor or contact your sales manager.

Spare Parts

Original manufacturer authorized spare parts service and dealer

Rapid response in 24 hours global consignment

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